Top Big Data Trends That Will Impact Artificial Intelligence

Top Big Data Trends That Will Impact Artificial IntelligenceOur digital world is growing at an exponential rate, increasing the amount of data collected each day across the globe. It has become utmost difficult to store such a huge amount of data and turn them into knowledge with actionable insights. With the help of Big Data analytics, these large data sets are analyzed and processed to uncover patterns that support business decisions. Another technology that has taken the world by storm is Artificial Intelligence (AI) that empower connected machines and computers to learn, evolve & improve through their own learning without the need for any human intervention.

Giant companies are already taking help from Big Data Solutions Provider to make to a huge impact in the overall landscape of AI. Let’s explore how advancements in data analytics will shape the future of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Growth in Computational Power

Apart from sequential computing capabilities through CPUs, devices now support parallel computing GPUs making it possible to process huge amounts of data in real time & derive trends effectively


  • Machine Learning from Actual Data Sets

Earlier, AI machines had to rely on limited sample data sets using hypothesis based data analysis but using big data, actual data is available all the time without the need of relying on samples anymore


  • Large-Scale Memory Devices with Low Cost

As there are huge data sets to fit into one device, cloud-based distributed data storage infrastructure allows parallel processing of big data, leading towards better AI knowledge space.


  • Image & Voice Processing Algorithms

While AI focuses on learning from human communication, big data analysis helps in breaking down the data sets to recognize words & phrases.


Closing Statement

Combining the capabilities of big data analysis and AI, retail giants like Walmart makes automated business decisions. As millions of customers visit thousands of stores across the world, Walmart data team sometimes find it difficult to analyze what customers are buying from 2.5 petabytes of customer data generated every hour. With AI, systems can easily process the data and make self-governing decisions. Though AI and big data are emerging technologies that can take the business to new heights, understanding the interdependence between them is a must. Get in touch with the experts to avail Artificial Intelligence Solutions and embrace possibilities of the big data-enabled AI world.

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