Top 5 Strategies For Ranking Android Apps in App Stores

Top 5 Strategies For Ranking Android Apps in App Stores

Android has become one of the most popular operating systems for smart devices and an enormous user base keeps the equally large development community on its toes with demands of ever improving apps with increased functionalities. Every developer wants high ranking Android apps in app stores but with hundreds of them releasing every month, it is a very difficult task to make a creation stand out in the crowd. A few ideas are being presented which can be used for the purpose.


1. Invest In Quality


This may seem like a generic advice but in fact it is the most important point to be kept in mind, not only during the development and deployment process but also afterwards. The retention time i.e the complete duration for which a mobile utility stays on a user’s smartphone is a ranking factor for avenues like Play Store. Similarly, the number of downloads is another characteristic that is taken into consideration for deciding the position of an app in the listings. Both the factors are directly linked to the overall quality of the mobile amenity and a developer has to take care that even if the concept behind the project is unique, poor development can mar its prospects. Ensure that the user interface is highly functional but attractive leading to a fulfilling user experience apart from factors like quick loading time and low file size.


2. Optimize Your App


Users search for services they would like to avail of and hence, optimization of your product becomes a key strategy for getting it a place among high ranking Android apps in app stores. Right at the conception stage itself, identify the most suitable and relevant keywords and use them in every textual part connected with your service. Use the keyword, if possible, in the name or instead insert in a very brief tagline that will be attached with the app name. Similarly, optimize the content of the app description by placing the terms in the initial part that is visible to any visitor of the app store and ensure that the content is sensibly created with the focus on the product’s features.


3. Generate Favourable Reviews


Most people are not at all inclined towards leaving a review about your offering, even when they find it beneficial. Providing a single call to action like “rate us now” is not enough and go for a different strategy like asking a question with yes or no options and those who react positively must be prompted to write a few words. In-app pop ups can be used for this purpose and always reply to every single feedback even if they are negative in nature. Google regularly monitors the reviews and any attempts at manipulating the system by getting fake comments, if detected can result in punitive actions. Ask professional reviewers to write an appraisal of your service with the app store link on their blogs.


4. Update Regularly


Constant improvement is the key to success for any Android app development company hoping to make its mark by creating high value products. Instruct your team to monitor the performance and identify bugs regularly which can occur especially when Google releases an upgrade for the operating system. It is very important also to keep modifying the user interface for keeping the customer’s interest at an optimum level. All this will help in app retention and loyalty leading to better ratings and higher rankings.


5. Use Visual Aids


The screenshots selected to accompany the application on the app store must be chosen carefully with the best images depicting the unique features occupying the designated space. The short video that app stores allow can also be used for your advantage by investing in a clip that showcases the highlights of your service.




These tips when incorporated in the overall strategy of the product will definitely give it a place in the list of high ranking Android apps in app stores though some patience is required as it is a time consuming process.



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